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10 reasons to teach English in Turkey


Deciding to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) is a big decision as it is not something that suits everyone. Once you have made your mind up you must then start looking into the details. One detail being (and a rather a big one at that) is where to teach English. Here are some arguments from Turkey´s corner:

1. Where East meets West

Turkey is often defined as the bridge between the east and west. Bordering the edge of Europe to the west and a number of Middle Eastern countries to the east, Turkey provides a unique cultural blend of tradition and modernism, evident its architecture, behaviors and customs.

2. The Climate

Turkey has a very diverse, varied climate with hot, dry summers and cold and often snowy winters. Teaching English in Turkey means you can enjoy the best of both, from playing in the snow in the winter to relaxing on the beach in the summer.

3. The Turkish Markets

Turkey is world renowned for its vast open air markets selling handmade textiles, fresh produce, spices and its infamous cheap, designer merchandise. These markets usually happen weekly in almost every town and city in Turkey, each with their own charm and specialties.

4. Demand for EFL Teachers

Turkey has one of the largest and fastest developing job markets in the world for English teachers and has no sign of slowing. In august 2011 the Turkish government made plans to hire 40,000 native English speaking teachers over four years. Meaning this year alone 10,000 more English teachers will be placed.

5. Heritage

As a former colony of the Roman and Ottoman empires, Turkey has an incredible amount of heritage sites including ancient Roman and Greek ruins and Ottoman palaces. With an average of 20 to 25 teaching hours per week, there is plenty of time to explore.

6. TEFL Organization

It is possible to find teaching opportunities in Turkey year round and many positions can be secured in advance via phone and email from the teacher’s home country. Having the correct qualifications is obligatory for most employers and by gaining a TESOL certification online this can be done from the comfort of home or when your adventure has already begun in Turkey.

7. Private and Public Schools

In Turkey there are opportunities for foreign English teachers in both private language schools and within the state school system. As the Turkish education authorities have recognized the importance of tuition by native speakers, all institutions welcome applications.

8. The Cities

The cities of Izmir, Ankara and, of course, Istanbul, are some of the many cities with an abundance of English teaching positions. Istanbul is the centre of Turkey´s east meets west community. The European side is home to the capital´s business centers and the east side, the new city, is home to Istanbul’s residents. Traditional mosques stand beside modern luxury hotels.

9. The Landscape

Turkey has stunning coastlines along the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black seas with sandy beaches and intimate coves. Turkey also has snow capped mountains and vast lakes and rivers as well as the spectacular rock formations of Cappadocia.

10. The People

Turkish locals are known for their hospitality and friendly attitude towards foreigners. Depending on the area, lots of businesses and, some entire towns, are primarily dependant on tourism and therefore locals have developed a fondness towards visitors. You are sure to receive a warm welcome.

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