That was all I said to my students that day just before they started the activity.


What was the activity? Well, the grammar point was ‘there is there are’. I handed out the worksheets, asked them to draw their ideal room and when they finished, they were to draw their partners’ ideal rooms.

They started. As the teacher I was pretty happy as they were speaking English and using the structure correctly. While monitoring the pairs, suddenly I heard something like ‘ There are 3 girls in my room. Two girls is striping and a one girl is fanning me.’ Mistakes spotted! I wanted to give instant feedback.

ME: Listen, X. Two girls and is? What’s wrong here?

X: Oh, right. Two girls are.

Me: Yes. A one girl? And what’s wrong here?

X: A girl, or one girl. Okay teacher I get it.

ME: Good! Now keep going.

As soon as I said keep going, something finally hit me. Did he say two girls were stripping and one was fanning him?

I was so busy trying to hear the correct structure from the students that only after a couple of minutes later I realized the imagination that was going on in his ideal room..

Why did I say ‘USE YOUR IMAGINATION’ if I was not going to pay attention to it anyway? Why is it always grammar I care most but not the talents they have or their dreams and desires? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? I’m still working on the answer 🙂

Here are some pictures they draw.

PS: They are 20 years old university students.

A room with a lot of books..
A room with a lot of books..

ψ ψ ψ

Nice drawing, isn't it!
Nice drawing, isn’t it!

ψ ψ ψ

And that famous one :)
And that famous one 🙂