I started blogging in late November in 2011 and have been blogging since then whenever I have time..

I knew that it was gonna take time for me to have some followers and some comments.. So I was ready to wait. But I didn’t need to wait as much as I thought I would. I shared my ideas, feelings, and experience and people liked it. This encouraged me to do MORE.

One day dear Ken Wilson offered me to write a post on his blog as a guest blogger. This blog post idea turned out to be an interview and he encouraged me to interview Luke Prodromou and Jeremy Harmer as well. I sent them the proposal e-mail and it was very kind of them to agree. Thank you all! It was such an honor to meet you in person!

After the interviews

A week before the interview, my mother came to visit me. When I told her about this interview thing, she started talking. And between us, she likes talking.. While she was sharing some ideas and feelings with me, all of a sudden, something she said gave me the inspiration I needed and I wrote the post ‘3 in 1’ which has earned my blog a nomination for a Fascination Award: 2012’s Most Fascinating English Teacher blog. And.. I just found out that I came the 4th!!

Well, maybe some of you might say, ‘ You came the 4th, why do you make a big deal out of it?’. Well, as a new blogger this means a lot to me! It definitely will encourage me to do better!

Anyways. To cut it short, I am writing this post to thank to those who voted for me!

And also to those who made comments on ‘3 in 1’ which helped me recognized in the first place!

Dear Brad Patterson, Yeşim Çakır, Julie Raikou, Marian Steiner, Vicky Loras, Rakesh Bhanot, Graeme Hodgson, Canan Eliçin, Cecilia Lemos. Thank you very much for the comments you made!

I also want to thank Dear Shelly Terrell for helping me to spread the blog post!

And finally special thanks toVijay Krishnan, Dinçer Demir, Emrullahn Sedat Sudan, David Kapuler and Sophia Mavridi for retweeting me and spreading the voting webtise 🙂

Thank you all!  Teşekkür ederim 🙂