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This interview thing.. like Jeremy Taylor said, it was like being with the stars!

It all started when I wanted to write a guest post on Ken Wilson’s blog. The plan was to interview him and then post it. After some brainstorming, he encouraged me to interview L. Prodromou and J.Harmer as well.. I sent an e-mail to them and both agreed. Thank you guys! And Thank you J.Taylor for giving me a title for the post!

Well.. So here I am.. writing the first interview post..

I asked these three amazing men the same questions and did it outside the walls as we wanted it to be as natural as it can be. That is why you will sometimes hear some other people laughing or talking .. just ignore them!

So here we go…

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Right before the interview

It was Friday evening that I really started to feel nervous as I was going to interview Luke Prodromou, Jeremy Harmer and Ken Wilson the very next day.. I had the chance to listen to and exchange couple words with J. Harmer and K. Wilson once in 2010.

But Luke Prodromou.. Even though I read his work on some websites, I’ve never seen him or listened to any of his talks before until that day.. This fact – of course – didn’t help me to feel any better.

On Saturday morning, we finally met. As soon as I introduced myself to him right after his pleanary, he did his best to comfort me and all my worries were gone. We had the lunch together, attended a workshop and finally did the interview. It was wonderful to talk about teaching, and even better- just random stuff!

I will cut it short, so you can watch the video! I could ask questions about ELT.. But you can easily find out their ideas on teaching just reading their blogs or listening to their talks or simply just reading their books.. So that’s why I asked these questions. What are they? Well, click and see it yourself.. I hope you like it!

PS: I was super excited so please ignore my weird moves 🙂

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One thing I want to share ..

Luke Prodromou is a foundee- member of the Disabled Access-Friendly campaign. You can go and check the website, Disabled Access-Friendly, which provides teachers with free teaching material that can be used in class, for projects or examination practice, but at the same time stimulates students to put themselves in the shoes of someone with a mobility/disability, for a better understanding of their needs and feelings.

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Next interview post will be about Jeremy Harmer..