In Turkey, tomorrow is the first day of the school after the snowy and cold winter break we had for 2 weeks..

And I wanted to share some back to school ideas that I like and will do with my students tomorrow. Hope you like them!

For Kindergarteners

Can read it as a poem or sing to the tune of  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Kindergarten Here We Come


An Apple For the Parents

This is a great poem to send home to the parents..

An Apple For Parents


Sing Songs

What can be better than singing and playing games at the first day of school!

Here We Sit Together
Back 2 School Fingerplay


Origami Fortune Teller

I’m sure we’ve all made these at some point in time, haven’t we?



Make Your Own Book

You form the sentences together and put them on the board, then students write these words on papers and draw pictures.. Here are some example sentences.. You can change the words, or make it longer/shorter..

Page 1 –  07:00 It is time to wake up

Page 2 –  I wear my pants/ skirt / shirt

Page 3 –  I am dressed

Page 4 –  07:30 It is time to eat

Page 5 –  I see my mom

Page 6 –  I see my dad

Page 7 –  I have my breakfast

Page 8 –  08:00 It is time for school

Page 9 –  Hurray! I see my school


Surprise Your Students!

What about some chocolate! 🙂