The other day I read a poem on the Henry Brothers’ blog by Richard Gresswell and it goes by the name of  ‘My Teacher Identity‘. Such a great poem. While reading it, I could hear the song ‘Killing me softly‘ in the background 🙂

Remember the lines.. ‘He is singing my life with his words..’  That’s how I felt. The poem is about being in progress all the time, trying to be the best you can be, the sense of ‘becoming’ and such things that is how all good teachers feel, I believe..

Anyway..I’ll come straight to my point.. Long story in short, Richard told me ‘I’ve noticed from blogging and Twitter that there is a thriving community of English language teacher bloggers living in Turkey and that you even run blogging courses – amazing.’  And then he asked me to share my favorite blogs from the Turkish ELT community..

Educational Blogging keeps becoming more and more popular around the world. And as Richard recognised, Turkish educators are also getting very familiar with this powerful and effective technology tool everyday. They blog individually and blog with their students.

And below -of course there are many others-  is a list of my favorite Turkish ELT Bloggers. Enjoy reading!

  • Burcu Akyol’s Blog Reflections and insights about teaching, technology, and life & practical tips and resources..
  • Esra’s Englishous Blog All about a kindergarten teacher interested in technology and everything new and useful for teaching
  • Neslihan Durmusoglu Reflections on the world of EFL and being a 21st century learner & teacher ..