What is it  ?

a) An online- community,

b) Teachers’ Associations,

c) Run by volunteers.

d) All of the above

And yes, the correct answer is ‘d’.

SEETA is the acronmy for South Eastern Europe Teachers Associations and its goal is to enable its members to have hands on experience of using current technology as part of their professional development.

The overall objective is that this networking community will provide an ongoing and structured means of communication which can be developed by future associations and their members for their mutual benefit. Aside from being an effective way of promoting joint events and activities, it can also provide a teachers’ forum for the exchange of ideas,information and articles. 

Its missions are;

  • To create a closer community of Teachers’ Associations,
  • To provide an ongoing and structured means of communication,
  • Mutual support for participant TAs,
  • Overcome time and geographical constraints.

These lines above were taken from its offical website  SEETA

I first heard about this online community couple weeks ago on Twitter and thought to myself that I should go and check it, but never did until yesterday when I saw this SEETA news on Facebook again.

The friend who shared the SEETA link on Facebook was Burcu AKYOL. The lady who inspired me to start blogging in the first place.. So I clicked on the link and finally met SEETA and enrolled myself in the course ‘ 8 Steps To Blogging’ by Burcu AKYOL. Even though, I have a blog and experience blogging, I am sure I will learn something new 🙂

Anyways.. Once you sign in, you get the chance to enrol yourself in free online courses.

Getting started is quite easy. You fill in some information about you and  in couple minutes you have a SEETA profile.

After creating your profile, all you need to do is to follow your course trainer’s instructions which make everything easy for you to follow as in the example below.

Info given by the trainer

This one I am taking is a 8days-course and everyday we will have tasks like these:


While learning about new cool stuff, you can also meet new people.. You can see the online users who are taking the same course like you and send messages to them.

After my first day experience, all these above is what I know.. And I know there are many other things that SEETA can offer me..

I mentioned about the tasks your trainer assings, and today there was a Blogging Terminology Quiz.. And after completing the quiz, I got a certificate which really made my day 🙂

Certificate of Achievement

And a funny thing I found while doing some research on SEETA. When you google the word SEETA on Google Images you come acroos a Hindu movie which was made in 1972 🙂

A Hindu Movie