It is almost the end of the first term here in Turkey. One last week and the students will be on holiday for 2 weeks mainly doing their half-term break homework.. The other day one of my students came up with something like this ‘ Teacher, do you know where I am going for the holiday?’ ‘You are going somewhere? How nice. Where? And he said, ‘Homework Land’. For a second I did not know what to say as I did not expect such a joke. And since then, every minute I have a student come and ask, ‘Teacher do you kno…’ and I have to pretend I am hearing it for the first time 🙂 Anyways.. I was saying.. half-term holiday.

Before we say good-bye to the first term, it is very important to revise the things done and learned so far.

I am going to share my favorites which are suitable for young learners.


Lines Quiz

Split the clas into two groups. One lines up on the left side, one on the right side. Ask the front kid in each group a question. The first one to answer correctly sits down.  The other  goes to the back of his/her team. As you might have guessed, the winning team is the first where everyone is all sat down. So much fun!

Lines Quiz

Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses

Divide the class into two groups. Draw a grid of nine squares on the board and write a number on each square (from 1 to 9). Prepare nine questions and set one question for each number. The groups call out the numbers and if they answer the question correctly, they get the point. The goal of the game is to make a line either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Tic Tac Toe

Odd one out

This is a well known one I know, and it works perfect. It keeps kids really engaged. I do this via projector using powerpoint slides. You can either put the students into groups of two or more. Write a category word and write 4 or 5 key words that can be used to describe that particular word and one word that can not be used.You can also do it with pictures.

Taboo – (Both for speaking and writing)

One step up in terms of difficulty and fun is for students to be given 3 words that they cannot say when trying to explain which word they have chosen. If the students make the playing cards for each other, this adds even more to the fun and challenge. You can either put them into groups or just simply let them perform individually.

Powerpoint Games


This one is a powerpoint game and the kids go nuts for it! A great TV style game adapted for maximum fun learning in ESL classrooms. You can download the template from the file sharing on the left sidebar on my blog.



You can also download the template for this powerpoint taboo.

Online Games

What about playing online games.. They are quite fun and useful for second language learners. If you have internet connection in your classroom, you can go online, choose a level according to your students and play these games. And if you don’t have connection, share the website with your students. It is really fantastic! Even I can play those games just for fun 🙂

Video Use

Video Scavenger Hunt

Choose a movie, a series of TV commericals or any other video-taped resource that you like or that learners are familiar with and compile lists of things for viewers or listeners to find. You can ask your students to find specific facts or figures which can be verbal or visual. Or they can count the number of times a certain word is said in a clip.

Board Use

Grammar Girls & Boys

Write gramatically wrong sentences on the board and ask them whay are the sentences are wrong

E.g * She drinking milk, * It rains now, *My mothers aren`t like chocolate. If you like give the student who answer the question properly some reward (a positive point- or candy etc).

Write the correct word

This one is a team game. One student from each team goes to the board and the teacher shows a picture. The winner is the first student to write the correct word with correct spelling. And if you want you can have other students call or in most cases yell out the word! Fun game.


The basic idea is that the teacher covers the board randomly with words or letters. If, for example, you are teaching the alphabet, you might cover the board with all the vowels and some of the more problematical consonants. It’s a good idea to repeat some of the letters, perhaps in upper and lower case. Divide the class into two teams. Give the teams different colored whiteboard markers. The teams line up on either side of the board with the front students holding the markers. Call out a letter and the front students try to locate it and draw a ring round it. Change students every call or every three calls etc. The team with the most number of rings at the end wins.


Slap the board

This one goes for the students who can not stop moving! Put the vocabulary items on the board in any order or jumbled. Form your groups. Give a mother tongue translation for one of the words on the board. The students have got to recognise the word which translates to that word. They then run to the board and slap the correct word. The first person in each group to slap the right word gets a point. You can do it with pictures so you put the pictures on the board ..You can reverse the translation, by putting the mother tongue on the board. You don’t have to call out the English, you can get other kids to call out so they’re getting practice speaking too.


Find someone who Bingo

The idea is quite like the Bingo we all know. You will need to prepare the worksheet. Put boxes on it and also question for the students to ask. Each box holds a different inquiry. Students walk around, ask questions to eachother and write donw the answer. The first one to ask all the questions and write the answers is the winner.

These are what I am planning to do with my students this week. Hope you like it!