Is there anyone who is not excited about the New Year coming up? I can easily see that with the new year approaching, every face lights up with happiness.. And when we talk about the new year, it is impossible not to mention New Year’s Resolutions.

Here is a New Year’s Resolution poem that will put a smile on your students’ faces.

We read it in the classroom the other day and my students loved it as it ends in an unexpected way. They think the boy is very cool!


Last year I did some rotten things.
This year I will be better.
Here are some resolutions
I will follow to the letter:

I won’t make dumb excuses
when my homework isn’t done;
when the truth is that I did no work
’cause I was having fun.

I won’t fly paper airplanes
when the teacher isn’t looking.
I won’t sneak in the kitchen
just to taste what they are cooking.
I will not twist the silverware
to see how far it bends.
I will not take the candy bars
from lunch bags of my friends.

I will not skateboard down the hall
or skateboard down the stairs.
I won’t run over teachers,
and I won’t crash into chairs.

I will not do these rotten things;
my heart is full of sorrow.
But I have got some brand-new tricks
to try in school tomorrow.