We all know that children love to create art and make things.

Playing with arts and crafts inspires creativity in young children while helping them to focus their mind and complete a set of task while older children can begin to gain an understanding of artistic and designing skills that may affect their future educational choices.

Using arts & crafts in an English classroom is also quite useful. Give the learners something meaningful to do with their object. This could be acting out a few phrases in English with a finger puppet or telling a story using a book they’ve made.

Today at school, mine was making New Year cards to my ex-Italian students. While doing this activity they had the chance to revise the vocabulary they have already learnt in the previous lessons. Vocabulary items like classroom objects, colors and numbers, adjectives, and etc. In addition to this, making New Year cards was a great opportunity to learn about winter vocabulary and some expressions like ‘Happy New Year’.

They literally loved it! And for me as a teacher, it was a great satisfaction to witness their enthusiasm..